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Live, Online, and Hybrid Expertise


I have experience developing and teaching successful live and online undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses intended for students of diverse racial, religious, cultural, and international backgrounds. I also strive to be sensitive and constructive about matters related to gender, class, age and other fundamental realities that come up in classroom, career and workplace situations

I am certified in Blackboard and also familiar with Canvas, Moodle, Zoom, Skype and other technologies that enable and enhance distance, hybrid and live classroom learning. I believe in lifelong learning and have studied myself with prominent writers beyond my own degree-program education.


Students have appreciated how I’ve applied principles and practices from my own career in advertising, publishing and as a business generalist, to reinforce the useful material from textbooks and web-based course materials and what’s happening in real-time news and society. The ultimate point is to help undergraduates get a great start on their own careers, and to help master's, non-traditional and really students of any age to develop critical and creative thinking, while practicing skills that will benefit them during significant transitions in the ever-changing job marketplace.

Recent Course Topics

Consumer Behavior & Brand Development
Master's Online
Master's Online
Writing in
Bachelor's Onsite
Reasoning &
Bachelor's Onsite
Media, Technology & Strategy for  Public Relations
Bachelor's Onsite
Advertising Principles & Practices
Bachelor's Online
Consumer Insights & Branding
(Account Planning)
Bachelor's Online
Consumer Behavior and Brand Development
Master's Online
Creative Media
Master's Online
Public Speaking
(Writing Coach)
Master's Online
Introduction to the
Digital Age
Master's Online
Introduction to
Social Media
Bachelor's Online

Student Feedback

Professor Scheips is a wonderful teacher! He is compassionate and caring with his students. He is a highly-skilled writer, who clearly enjoys what he does. I would take 100 more of his classes if I could!

First-Year Communication Student

(BA Program)

I really enjoyed being in another class with Derek! He provides helpful insights on coursework and encourages me to dive deeper into my thinking.

Branding Student

(MA Program)

Professor Derek Scheips, is one of the best teachers I've worked with on my educational journey. I had the good fortune of having Scheips last semester too. The class structure is creative and challenging. It's fun. I got excellent feedback and direction. I've learned a lot and will continue using these tools I've harnessed going forward.

Account Planning Student

(Online BA Program)

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